Why you should connect with ACTIVE followers regardless of the niche

So, say, for example.

I’m selling LinkedIn growth services to founders, coaches, and creators.

Most people would say connecting with founders, coaches, and creators only.

That’s my target audience.

Should I only accept connections and target these folks?


I’m targeting anyone ACTIVE on LinkedIn.

I have a list of potential targeted clients I engage with daily.

It’s how I get their attention.

So what is the strategy I follow?

Active Connections can increase the reach of my content, and they will engage back.

I recently compiled a list of potential target clients, as everyone emphasizes this.

This will help me establish relationships with industry leaders.

They will engage back on my content.

This means that all their followers will then see my content too.

Most buyers are lurkers. Meaning they don’t post and don’t comment that often.

If you only target your ideal client, you are going too narrow.

You won’t get enough engagement on your posts to reach potential leads.

You want active connections engaging in your content.

That’s how you start generating many leads and great social proof.

Are you targeting active users of LinkedIn?


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Waseem Baloch

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